[DBAL-993] TimeType should reset date fields to UNIX epoch Created: 26/Sep/14  Updated: 26/Sep/14

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Project: Doctrine DBAL
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Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Pavel Horal Assignee: Benjamin Eberlei
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What is the issue

This issue is similar to DDC-179 . The problem is that when working with time field types that the value is parsed with the current date. Special '!' format prefix or '|' format suffix should be used to reset date fields to UNIX epoch.

Why is it issue

Resetting fields to a well defined value will allow correct time-based \DateTime comparisons, which is not possible in the current implementation (at least not without hacks).

We came across this behaviour when working with Symfony2 forms. Symfony2 form components are using '|' (pipe) format suffix when parsing time fields. This generates incorrect change-sets on data layer.

Comment by Steve Müller [ 26/Sep/14 ]

I don't get the issue here. It was already patched in DDC-179, no? See here: https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/blob/master/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Types/DateType.php#L65
If I am missing something here, can you please give more details or provide an example of your use case?

Comment by Pavel Horal [ 26/Sep/14 ]

I am talking about https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/blob/master/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Types/TimeType.php#L65 . So it is pretty much the same as DDC-179, but just a different temporal type.

Comment by Steve Müller [ 26/Sep/14 ]

I guess I understand. So you would expect the date part to be resetted to UNIX epoch, right? Like:

$time = '08:59:44';

$timeType->convertToPHPValue($time, $platform); // returns a \DateTime object of '1970-01-01 08:59:44'
Comment by Pavel Horal [ 26/Sep/14 ]


The current behavior feels incorrect, because if you have two entries in the DB both set to 06:00:00 and you will parse one at 2014-09-26T23:59:59.999 and the second one at 2014-09-27T00:00:00.000 they will be parsed to a different timestamps.
Also as I have mentioned the current behaviour don't play nice with Symfony2's date and time form fields (https://github.com/symfony/symfony/blob/master/src/Symfony/Component/Form/Extension/Core/DataTransformer/DateTimeToArrayTransformer.php#L176), which always resets unparsed fields to UNIX epoch.
And at last the current behavior is a bit inconsistent with date handling introduced in DDC-179.

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