Release Notes - Doctrine DBAL - Version 2.4.3 - HTML format


  • [DBAL-759] - [GH-489] Fix driver error while introspecting sequences in SQL Server 2012
  • [DBAL-760] - [GH-490] Don't return warnings as errors in sqlsrv driver
  • [DBAL-766] - PostgreSQL: Fix statement for getTableWhereClause method
  • [DBAL-787] - [GH-512] Fix modifying limit/offset for statements with subqueries on SQL Server
  • [DBAL-792] - [GH-515] Fix sqlite autoincrement detection
  • [DBAL-950] - [GH-637] Backport #625 - pgsql boolean conversion
  • [DBAL-951] - [GH-641] Remove duplicate suggest section in composer.json
  • [DBAL-963] - [GH-652] Add close() method in MasterSlaveConnection.php
  • [DBAL-976] - [GH-663] [DDC-2310] [2.4] Fix evaluation of NOLOCK table hint on SQL Server
  • [DBAL-1006] - [GH-690] Backport [DBAL-717] Fix bug in MasterSlaveConnection with keepSlave option and switch back after transaction.
  • [DBAL-1070] - AzureSQL specificities are not taken into account

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