Release Notes - Doctrine DBAL - Version 2.3.1 - HTML format


  • [DBAL-323] - [GH-185] Add schema changes for length for postgres
  • [DBAL-349] - [GH-203] Delete always content from table master_slave_table between tests.
  • [DBAL-354] - [GH-207] Removed Unsigned Integer Support in SQL Server
  • [DBAL-360] - [GH-212] Fix dropping foreign key multiple times with test
  • [DBAL-365] - [GH-217] Remember to close temporary connection in PostgreSqlSchemaManager::dropD...
  • [DBAL-374] - [GH-222] Escape primary field name in create table sql query
  • [DBAL-378] - [GH-224] default table option not working
  • [DBAL-379] - [GH-225] Fix SQLServerPlatform adds unique constraint to ADD PRIMARY KEY statement
  • [DBAL-387] - [GH-230] Fixed SQL Server Platform NULL declaration
  • [DBAL-393] - PEAR install broken

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