Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [DDC-2645] - merge() not dealing correctly with composite primary keys
  • [DDC-2692] - [GH-794] Multiple invokation of listeners on PreFlush event
  • [DDC-2700] - [GH-798] Identifier can be empty for MappedSuperclasses
  • [DDC-2732] - [GH-816] Options not respected for ID Fields in XML Mapping Driver
  • [DDC-2764] - An orderBy on Criteria leads to DQL semantical error
  • [DDC-2765] - [GH-830] [DDC-2764] Prefix criteria orderBy with rootAlias
  • [DDC-2775] - Bug with cascade remove
  • [DDC-2843] - SchemaTool update SQL always contains queries to set default value on columns, even if they haven't changed.
  • [DDC-2895] - [GH-902] Fix Lifecycle Callbacks
  • [DDC-2931] - OneToOne self-referencing fails when loading referenced objects
  • [DDC-2933] - [GH-917] DDC-2931
  • [DDC-2947] - [GH-927] s/EntityManager/EntityManagerInterface/ in a few places
  • [DDC-3040] - doctrine:schema:update datetimetz field type not null

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