Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.3.5 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1884] - leftJoin via composite key part not hydrated if joining table solely consists of identifiers
  • [DDC-2471] - Incorrect EQ/NEQ null handling of criteria
  • [DDC-2506] - WITH Conditionals on Class Table Inheritance LEFT JOINs are inserted incorrectly
  • [DDC-2517] - [GH-703] Clear visitedCollections
  • [DDC-2530] - Fetch eager in onetomany is not storing the collection resulting in same query being executed twice
  • [DDC-2548] - [GH-720] Allow to have non-distinct queries
  • [DDC-2564] - PersistentCollection - coll is not initialized for Collection methods
  • [DDC-2579] - BasicEntityPersister - delete bug
  • [DDC-2582] - [GH-741] Fixed DDC-1884.
  • [DDC-2587] - [GH-744] Corrected PHP type for "decimal" mapping type
  • [DDC-2607] - [GH-753] JoinedSubclassPersister doesn't properly bind on some versions of php
  • [DDC-2608] - Wrong SQL generated for @SequenceGenerator, throws Exception
  • [DDC-2660] - ResultSetMappingBuilder hydration associationMappings identifiers
  • [DDC-2662] - Quoting Sequences changes the wrong variable and contains a bug
  • [DDC-2715] - [GH-807] Fix for OptimisticLockingException
  • [DDC-2759] - ArrayHydration: Only first entity in OneToMany association is hydrated
  • [DDC-2760] - [GH-827] Added a failing test case for DDC-2759.


  • [DDC-2203] - add EntityManager->getFilters()->isEnabled('filterName'')

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