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  • [DDC-1800] - Paginator results is wrong if your query use order by clause
  • [DDC-1958] - pager produces wrong results on postgresql
  • [DDC-1977] - Undefined index in ParameterTypeInferer
  • [DDC-2012] - Inserting a new entity with a custom mapping type does not call convertToDatabaseValueSQL() when using InheritanceType("JOINED")
  • [DDC-2028] - [GH-444] Fixed some tyo error in XML Exporter
  • [DDC-2044] - [GH-455] Fixed unique-constraint name in XML Exporter
  • [DDC-2050] - [GH-459] Fix DDC-2012
  • [DDC-2059] - Property perceived as dumplicate in composite foreign key
  • [DDC-2067] - [GH-473] Fixes bug whereby orphan-removal value in XMLDriver is incorrectly parsed as true
  • [DDC-2068] - [GH-474] Fixed bug with comment option not being added to column.
  • [DDC-2069] - Spaces are not ignored in the "column" list of a uniqueConstraints
  • [DDC-2071] - [GH-476] Replaced the setting of Ids to the whereInQuery with a more performant implementation
  • [DDC-2072] - [GH-477] fixed typo
  • [DDC-2073] - PersistentCollection::matching() always returns empty collection, when passed criteria's expression is created using ExpressionBuilder::isNull()
  • [DDC-2074] - ManyToManyPersister not found in the chain configured namespaces
  • [DDC-2079] - Error in build entities using yml with several inversedJoinColumns
  • [DDC-2080] - Entity's association changes after first call
  • [DDC-2082] - [GH-481] check for false as a return value from get_parent_class(), not null
  • [DDC-2086] - [GH-484] Prevented "Undefined index" notice when updating
  • [DDC-2109] - Duplicate joinTableColumns mapping for ManyToMany with resolve target entity
  • [DDC-2113] - SQLFilter incorrect results when WHERE clause contains OR expression
  • [DDC-2115] - [GH-496] Testing for key existance in basicEntityPersister / getIndividualValue
  • [DDC-2116] - [GH-498] Improve DocBlock annotations of generated entities
  • [DDC-2121] - EntityGenerator generates bad type hint (missing \)
  • [DDC-2122] - [GH-501] Allow 0 id for Entity
  • [DDC-2123] - [GH-502] Fix for invalid 'double-ON' SQL generation with entity inheritance type JOINED.
  • [DDC-2126] - [GH-505] Fix errors in JoinClassPathExpression and SqlWalker
  • [DDC-2129] - [GH-508] Fix and test for DDC-2073
  • [DDC-2144] - PersistentCollection Criteria IS NULL not behaving as expected
  • [DDC-2158] - [GH-518] regression fix for left joins (double ON)
  • [DDC-2168] - [GH-523] [DDC-2074] Bugfix regarding clearing cloned PersistentCollections
  • [DDC-2172] - GENERATOR_TYPE_UUID missing in EntityGenerator.php
  • [DDC-2174] - [GH-526] [DDC-2172] Fix EntityGenerator get literal type
  • [DDC-2182] - [GH-529] Options join columns


  • [DDC-1241] - Additional parameters for EntityRepository::findAll() and EntityRepository::findOneBy()
  • [DDC-1518] - Method chaining in Setters of generated entity classes

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