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  • [DDC-1504] - Cascade remove in OneToMany relation doesn't work
  • [DDC-1735] - [GH-312] Removed LOCK_EX for writing Proxy class file
  • [DDC-1745] - [GH-316] Fixes autoloading of generated Annotations
  • [DDC-1753] - [GH-322] In some weird situation the SimpleXmlIterator used to iterate on the ``$...
  • [DDC-1775] - Notify strategy listener is not attached for new entities
  • [DDC-1778] - Cloned PersistentCollection with orphanRemoval
  • [DDC-1779] - [GH-336] Fixed DDC1778
  • [DDC-1783] - Combination of Query::iterate() and ObjectHydrator results in continued memory growth after clearing the entity manager
  • [DDC-1784] - Error on generate entities: 'Attribute "allocationSize" of @ORM\SequenceGenerator'
  • [DDC-1798] - [GH-342] Fix identifier generator strategy for composite identifier
  • [DDC-1799] - Doctrine's Reverse Engineering 1-n (one to many) association misunderstood as 1-1 (one to one)
  • [DDC-1828] - [GH-351] Composer requirement
  • [DDC-1830] - [GH-353] prevent the validator to stop with an "undefined array index"-error
  • [DDC-1833] - [GH-354] ValidateSchemaCommand dont't call exit() in execute()
  • [DDC-1835] - Cloning PersistentCollection affects internal collection of clone source
  • [DDC-1836] - [GH-356] [DDC-1835] Fix clone side effects in PersistentCollection
  • [DDC-1846] - Pessimistic lock does not retreive latest version of entity when entity is already in doctrine cache
  • [DDC-1861] - UnitOfWork#doMerge() bug on visited entities
  • [DDC-1895] - update an entity with an ID column which is a relation instead of a normal field
  • [DDC-1901] - [GH-386] [DDC-1895] Fix fetch relation by id of association field
  • [DDC-1907] - RemoveMethod generation doesn't exist
  • [DDC-1909] - Getting Fatal error Call to undefined method Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\ClassMetadata::getSqlExecutor()
  • [DDC-1937] - [GH-405] Add possibility to cache annotations wih APC
  • [DDC-1939] - Trying to save ManyToMany relatrionship
  • [DDC-1941] - [GH-407] DDC-1939 - Removing references to non-existing AssociationMapping class
  • [DDC-1944] - [GH-408] Fix typo in remove method template in entity generator
  • [DDC-3424] - Class Table Inheritance - wrong table order on insert with more than one level of inheritance

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