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  • [DDC-904] - No identifier/primary key specified for Entity with inheritance
  • [DDC-985] - [PATCH] Fix attempt to get column by class property name
  • [DDC-1505] - EntityManager->find returning null for entity on the inverse side of a OneToOne association
  • [DDC-1711] - [GH-306] by r1pp3rj4ck: Fixed fetch mapping in xsd
  • [DDC-1918] - Paginator gives strange results in the end of the resultset
  • [DDC-1919] - Doctrine fails to escape entity with reserved name in various situations
  • [DDC-1933] - Problem with parameters when clone Doctrine\ORM\QueryBuilder
  • [DDC-2602] - Unable to query for entities on postLoad event
  • [DDC-2712] - [GH-804] [bugfix] if BIGINT or SMALLINT version field was not incremented.

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