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      phpcr knows reference and referrer (backlink). the reference is a property of a node with a defined name. the referrer is an information on the node without a property name in PHPCR. we have the annotation @Referrers to map this information onto a document field. the annotation can take an optional filter argument to only use references pointing to this node with a specific phpcr name.

      we could add something like the cascade option found in the orm to allow assigning a document to a referrer property and automatically persist it. we will need to explicitly specify the reference property name to be used on the source document in this case (orm uses mappedBy for this)

      github user mdekrijger started working on this. today, he wrote: Adding the annotations was quite easy, still figuring out the unitofwork where the actual processing must be implemented. Currently I can't spend much more time on it until end of june. If it isn't done yet by that time, I surely will pick it up from there.



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